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February 9-15

This week was marked by giveaways, from Reddit to Super Bowl. Did you grab any of the free NFTs offered?

Also in our weekly digest:

  • Square Enix and Polygon partner up for a Web3 title

  • Limit Break's Super Bowl ad considered a fiasco by some

  • LeBron's NBA Top Shot NFTs skyrocket after record-breaking NBA performance

  • Are E-sports tournaments dipping their toes into blockchain?

  • Amazon invests in Web3 Friendly studio in a $20M round

Web3 Gaming News 🎮

Web3 Gaming Trends 🚀

  • Reddit has minted about 1.3M Super Bowl NFTs on Polygon onboarding millions to Web3 by leveraging mainstream events and positioning the industry for wider adoption in 2023.

  • Esports organizations have begun using blockchain to host tournaments and distribute prize pools, according to Dave Harris, managing director of esports investment firm Guinevere Capital.

  • Blockchain gaming active users dropped 30% in three months but John Linden, CEO of Mythical Games with $1B valuation, is hopeful for the future as multiple Web3 games started surpassing a million users already.

  • Footprint Analytics 2022 GameFi report displays a rising trend in new game developments. In 2022, BNB attracted highest number of new protocols - 296. Polygon doubled its gaming protocols from 153 to 306, Wax from 53 to 137. The trend is expected to rise even more vigorously in 2023.

Exploring the Metaverse 🛸

Funding News 💸

  • Finnish game developer Tower Pop has raised $2.1m in funding for its new game, Omega Royale. After this round, Tower Pop has raised $2.8M in total.

  • Mino Games raised $15M to create a Dimensionals Web3 game. The company has so far raised $25M for their various Web3 gaming projects.

  • Amazon Funds Web3-Friendly Studio Superplastic in $20M round get first dibs TV shows, films and gamified experiences

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