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March 9-15

Partnerships and prizes are the hot topic in Web3 gaming this week as we see various tournaments and tie-ups making headlines. Did you get a chance to participate in any of the popular tournaments?

Also in our weekly digest:

  • Youtubers accuse Immutable X of inflating trading volumes

  • Epic Games Store, home to 230 Million gamers, set to release 20 Web3 Games

  • Following Binance NFT's AI powered Bicasso, Sandbox continues the trend by bringing generative AI tools into Metaverse

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Web3 Gaming News 🎮

Mainstream Adoption of Web3 Games on Epic Games Store

We can understand the cautious stance of Epic Games. Predominantly, the Epic Games Store caters to the traditional PC gaming market. Founder Tim Sweeny avoids giving exact numbers but does suggest that Web3 games are doing "pretty well".

Although no Web3 games are made or published by Epic, it is evident that mainstream adoption is underway as many more Web3 games are expected to launch on the marketplace. With Steam currently blocking Web3 games, Epic Games is already taking the lead by offering blockchain-based games exposure and accessibility to conventional gamers.

Epic is perhaps doing enough, as it is already ahead of its competitors. However, with Web3 native ecosystems such as Polygon Studios, IMX, Wax, and the metaverse movement that is underway, this will bring in a new wave of gamers. With Amazon also looking to enter the Web3 gaming space, Epic may need to shift gears if the company intends to dominate the space.

For now, they are flying the flag for Web3 games, easing those traditional gamers into our world, and for that they should be commended.

Web3 Gaming Trends 🚀

The Rise of AI in Game Development

The Sandbox pushing AI into the hands of its creators is a shrewd move but no real surprise. The company is building out a metaverse and what better way to do so than by empowering creators to generate content faster by giving them tools to do so.

In previous editions of the Yoda Labs newsletter, we highlighted the rise of AI tools for builders and creators to speed up game development. The Sandbox is taking this a step further by offering the toolset to land owners so to enrich plots of land that would otherwise be barren.

This fast track to innovation is a trend that we believe we will continue to see in all aspects of life but more so in the realms of Web3 games and game development.

  • Ethereum's ERC-4337 update could be massive for onboarding billions of gamers into web3 by bringing smoother onboarding capabilities to the industry.

  • Is Polygon now a gaming blockchain? When comparing it to other categories, gaming saw the biggest growth in unique active wallets, leaving sectors such as DeFi, NFTs, and social dApps far behind.

Web3 Funding News 💸

Exploring the Metaverse 🛸

Why is Interoperability Key to the Success of Metaverse Gaming Partnerships?

Partnerships Like Mini Royale: Nations and Ready Player are aligned in both vision and on the shared belief that the future of Web3 and the metaverse will be defined by interoperability.

This is the very ethos of blockchain gaming and is what sets it apart from the fractured eco-systems that non Web3 games offer. These partnership is an example of breaking down barriers and giving developers more power.

This leads to a thriving creator economy, greater creativity, improved end-user experience, and increased accessibility, regardless of platform, operating system, or geographical location. It’s definitely something other builders and eco-systems should be considering to thrive on todays competitive gaming Landscape.

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